Se Fija! Talks with Kuno Becker and Aurora Papile about Panic 5 Bravo

Kuno Becker, Angela Ortíz and Aurora Papile

Kuno Becker, Se Fija!’s Angela Ortíz and Aurora Papile

Panic 5 Bravo is a tough, tight little film–a thriller about a team of American paramedics that receive an emergency call over their ambulance radio–5 Bravo, Mexico’s distress code for a shooting incident. The team decides to break the rules and cross the Mexican border, and that’s when the mission turns into a nightmare.

Panic 5 Bravo is the vision of writer/director/actor Kuno Becker, who conceived of the project when he was making a documentary on ambulance teams–a documentary he’s still working on. With some backing from Cinemedia, he managed to shoot the film in less than three weeks, on a budget of no more than half a million dollars.

SeFija! had a chance to sit down and talk with Kuno and his co-star Aurora Papile, and it was a fascinating conversation…

Becker has made a name for himself in Mexico and in the U.S., with work on the soccer trilogy Goal!, Christopher Hampton’s Imagining Argentina, and a couple of TV series, most notably and recently his work as Drew Ramos in two seasons of Dallas. A talented violinist and singer as well, he has plenty of prospects in the works, including a feature film about the aftermath of 1985’s devastating earthquake in Mexico.

On Tuesday, November 25 four lucky winners and fans from TVezLA in Los Angeles were treated to an intimate Thanksgiving dinner with Becker and Papile. You can see a little of that evening’s event here.

Panic 5 Bravo premieres December 5.