About Se Fija!

Se Fija!’s Angela María Ortíz S.

Se Fija! was started in 2011 with one idea in mind: to be an online celebration of Latinos in entertainment, in front and behind the camera. Now, eight years later, we still do that…but as the years have gone by, we’ve come to realize that we can do much more by covering pop culture that Latinos will find fascinating, no matter who’s involved.

Now we bring you more conversations and coverage than ever before – interviews and trailers and panel discussions that we think you’ll want to read or listen to by actors, writers, producers, and directors. And we still bring you information on entertainment with a spin and special angle that’s just not available anywhere else.

It’s unique. It’s a little hard to explain. But it’s fun and smart (we think) and it’s getting more popular all the time. Now check us out often for some of our exclusive talks and coverage…and let us know what you think!

Angela María Ortíz S.

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