Kenneth Castillo’s “La Guapa” is Powerful Work. Watch the Trailer Here

Kenneth Castillo continues to be a great example of Latinos making their way up the ladder in Hollywood. And now “absolutely independent” Castillo is talking about his sixth feature film

We’ve talked about Kenneth Castillo before, and we’re happy to do it again, as he starts to make some joyful noise about La Guapa, his newest–and sixth–feature film.

La Guapa is set in a small urban Latino neighborhood that could be anywhere in the U.S., where loyalty to family is the utmost importance. The main character, La Guapa, is forced into becoming a murderer-for-hire by her ex-husband in order to gain back custody of their 10-year-old daughter, but it’s a losing game: with every ‘hit,’ she gets closer to her goal but emotionally farther away from her daughter.

Here’s the powerful new trailer for the film. Get more information at Kenneth Castillo’s web site. We’ll continue to cover it as production continues.