Breaking News! Bernal is sexy!

Seriously: we have all known that Gael García Bernal is one of the most attractive men on earth, but his very serious (and amazing) performances in movies like The Motorcycle Diaries, Bad Education, and The Science of Sleep have emphasized his brain and spirit over his–let’s face it–beauty.

No longer. A new trailer for his upcoming romcomdram A Little Bit of Heaven puts his blue-eyed charm at the forefront…and given that, how could Kate Hudson resist him?

It won’t be out until May 4, but we wanted to share the new trailer here. And this isn’t the last we’ll see of Bernal in lighter roles. He’s also part of Will Ferrell’s weird little gem, Casa de mi Padre, and is in pre-production on the latest version of the fake Latino folk hero Zorro. That may never happen, but the idea alone is enough to give you shivers…