Are we ready for an alien invasion? SOME Latinas are…

Okay, it’s the dead of summer and even Discovery is scrambling to find something interesting to talk about. Otherwise, why would they spend a whole hour on “Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?”…and no, this isn’t a program about immigration reform.

Best of all, they tagged Michelle Rodriguez to host the show. It’s perfect casting; this poor yet powerful Latina has been killed by more aliens and/or zombies than most of us have even met. At last count, she didn’t make it through Resident Evil, The Breed, Lost, or Battle: Los Angeles. (Okay, we’re still not sure what Lost was all about…but she got killed there, too.)

Check out the trailer by clicking on the image below, and circle your calendar to enjoy Curiosity on Sunday, August 14 at 8P on Discovery.