Al Madrigal schools us all on “The Daily Show”

Al Madrigal is more than happy to remind anyone who will listen that he is the only Latino correspondent on the hugely popular “fake news” show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He then will remind you that he was also the last ethnic correspondent hired. He’s like that (as we see on a daily basis, not only on Comedy Central, but on our close personal friends at Pocho.com.

He’s already filed a number of terrific stories, but the story on Monday, April 2 has actually gone viral, generating traffic all over the net. His story focuses on Michael Hicks, a real-life member of the Board of Education in Tucson, Arizona, who championed a state law specifically designed to band Mexican-American Studies in Tucson high schools.

Madrigal’s absolutely deadpan delivery is brilliant, and allow Hicks and his appalling viewpoint to bury itself. And Madrigal has never been quieter–or more deadly.

Catch the entire piece here, and be sure and visit Pocho.com, too!