A Future Star is Born: Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson

I had the great pleasure of talking to one of Disney’s newest stars, Sofia Carson. She plays Evie the daughter of the Evil Queen in Disney’s Descendants on the Disney Channel.

We found out a few fun facts about Sofia. For instance:

  • She has been singing and dancing since she was three years old.
  • She’s always dreamed about being in a movie like this, and at eighteen she moved to Los Angeles from Florida to study and attend lots of auditions.
  • She is fluent in Spanish, English and French and is currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in communications. She chose communications because she loves to write. Her mom also studied communications. She may be a future reporter—who knows?Audio-Button-200
  • Her parents have always told her she should have a “Plan B” just in case the music and acting doesn’t work out.

Sofia grew up being a huge fan of Shakira, especially since Shakira comes from Barranquilla, Colombia, the same hometown as her family, she found out her aunt worked at one of Shakira’s schools, and on December 24 she got to meet her idol. She was so overcome by the meeting, she cried for three hours. She even got a little advice from Shakira, “You have to work harder than everyone and be better than everyone.”

Angela Ortíz and Sofia Carson

Angela Ortíz and Sofia Carson

Sofia hopes to get her album done and go on tour around the world with it.

On the making of Descendants, she says loved the costumes she had to wear because she loves clothes. The film was shot in Vancouver and her family got to visit her on the set.

Disney Channel will debut its original movie, Descendants, on July 31st. Meanwhile, Sofia just wrapped her second movie for Disney: Further Adventures in Babysitting.

Now sit back and listen in on our conversation, just click on the audio box. — A.O.

Photos: ©2015 Angela María Ortíz S.