More Fun with “Guardians of the Galaxy” A Dancing Groot

Dancing GrootGuardians of the Galaxy has been breakin all kinds of box-office records, even having the first soundtrack in history without any original songs to land in the Number 1 Spot. Watch the video with a dancing Groot!

Jessica Alba Talks Up “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

Sin-City-A-Dame-to-Kill-For-teaser-posterJessica Alba had a lively chat with Sam Rubin on the KTLA Morning News. She talked about being a different person than she was from the first Sin City—And how she got to go crazy. Watch the video below.

AmbulanteCA Back in Los Angeles this Fall

We came across this video about Ambulante’s first event in Los Angeles a few months ago. We talked about Ambulante and Pablo Cruz back then and you can check it out here. Enjoy the video.

Some Very Boozy Open-and-Shut Notes on “Under the Dome,” Season 2 Episode 7

Under the DomeReposted from our friends over on Amityville Now

Remember our drinking game? New character, take a drink. New power for the Dome, take a drink. 180-degree character reversal, take a drink. Well, be prepared to get falling-down drunk this week, because all bets are off, baby. Or rather, Barbie, with more new characters, subplots, questions, and reversals than ever before…and not an answer or resolution to be seen.

Up front note: This episode’s pretty much all about Barbie, so let’s start with him; he’s looking pretty jacked up from all the fist fights and gun battles. If he keeps getting beaten at this rate, he’s going to be nothing but a moist little wad of flesh by the end of Season 2.

Don’t know if this deserves a drink or not, but notice how former psycho-killer kidnapper Junior is now just one of the Scoobies again. Yeah, the Scoobie with a gun.

We had this whole screed about how stupid it was for Barbie to go look for Sam’s body, but…screw it, it doesn’t matter. It was just a plot device, like everything else this week.

Mike Vogel as Dale “Barbie” Barbara

Mike Vogel as Dale “Barbie” Barbara

Domeland is really just a lazy writer’s paradise: Lexi Luthor, who does little but look concerned and/or scared this week, examines the bottomless pit and says “How is it possible?” Barbie spills the beans: “The same way the dome’s possible,” he says…meaning ANYthing can happen, ANY time! Crap, the world of Adventure Time makes more internal sense that this damn thing.

Julia screams good!

“How could my own uncle murder Angie?” says the son of the town’s insane tin Hitler, who stalked, kidnapped, and imprisoned the same girl? Yeah, how?

Hey, dude! That’s not a tower! That’s an obelisk. And it’s in Zenith, which is not only Amnesia Girl’s hometown, but Barbie’s hometown. Which must man something. Mustn’t it? Because, like, one of our staffers was born in the same town as Brad Pitt, so…that means something. Right? Read the rest of this entry »

Four to Check Out in Theaters Friday

Into_the_Storm_150There are lots of releases for this Friday, but only four caught my attention: the Twister-like Into the Storma reboot ofTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that will surprise some, a feast of cuisines in The Hundred-Foot Journey, and a thriller with Paula Garces aka AlunaThe Maid’s Roomthat’s more than its title. Something new and hopefully some surprises! —Angela Ortíz


Into the Storm
Yes, I know: Twister! But you know, while I watched the movie I didn’t think of Twister. The events in this film take place in one day in a small town that is hit by an onslaught of tornadoes. Screenwriter John Swetnam told us that the events are based on real ones, just really amped up for the film.

It’s a really good cast, like the dwarf king in the Hobbit trilogy Richard Armitage, The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies, Veep’s Matt Walsh, Nathan Kress from Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Final Destination’s Arlen Escarpeta, Max Deacon, Friday Nights Lights’ Jeremy Sumpter, wonderful character actor Kyle DavisEastbound & Down’s Jon Reep, relative newcomer Alycia Debnam-Carey, and character actor Scott Lawrence.

The_Hundred-Foot_Journey150Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I have to admit, I didn’t expect much from this film. Reboots usually disappoint or take such a different turn you don’t recognize the original story. This TMNT still has the same sensibility just hyped-up. It’s entertaining and will hold the newcomers to the TMNT world, though I know some TMNT purists might have some things to pick on. It has a decent cast in Will Arnett, Megan Fox, William Fichtner, Johnny Knoxville, Noel Fisher, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Howard, and Tony Shalhoub.


The Hundred-Foot Journey
Producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey have given us a movie about cultures and cuisines. It all takes place in the quaint village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France, and makes me reminisce about 1987’s Babette’s Feast. And you can’t go too wrong with Helen Mirren in the cast, along with Manish Dayal, Om Puri, and Charlotte Le Bon.

The Maid’s Room
This thriller seems to give the viewer much more than its title would indicate. The plot summary: “a Hitchcockian thriller that explores the escalating tension between a Latina maid and the entitled, morally bankrupt family for whom she works.” Lets hope it lives up to the Hitchcock name. It stars Paula Garces in the lead, Annabella Sciorra, Bill Camp, and Philip Ettinger. Andyou can find out more on Garces here.

The Winners Are!

2014-imagenawards-nomineesWe haven’t attended in a couple of years but we wanted to give a shout out to the winners of this year’s 29th Annual Imagen Awards, which took place on Friday, August 1 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

This year’s special recognition went toPrime Time Emmy® nominee Fred Armisen, star of Portlandia who received the Norman Lear Writer’s Award—and a funny thing, most people don’t know he’s part Latino. Also honored were television host and model Daisy Fuentes who received the Imagen Foundation’s President’s Award and Manny Coto co-creator, writer and producer of 24: Live Another Day, who received the Imagen’s Creative Achievement Award.

The event will be broadcast on Saturday, September 27 at 10 p.m. on PBS SoCal. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s Looking (and looking and looking) at You, Kid

EYES-2This post is from our friends over at Amityville Now. We just had to share it cause the video is so COOOL!

Brutelpretzel, over on Vimeo, made this amazing thing, brought to our attention by new Twitter follower and Emmy-award-winning filmmaker (and spoon collector!) Richard Gale. It’s almost five minutes long, but it is absolutely hypnotic. Watch and then read a bit more below:

Looking at you – Movie Montage from Brutzelpretzel on Vimeo.

The song, is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, was a hit wayyyy back in 1967 for Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and has haunted the dreams of many a baby boom ever since. This time, it’s performed by Manic Street Preachers and also by Muse.

And before you ask: there are 150 clips from 148 films. “At first,” Brutelpretzel says, “I had selected more than 200 films. I left out dozens of scenes on purpose, cause I didn’t want a 15 minutes montage. For example, I decided not to include the ‘found footage’ genre, cause everyone looks at the camera in this type of movies (like Cloverfield). And also musical numbers, where it’s very common that the actors look at the camera while singing. And, obviously, there are many more films missing cause I didn’t know them. Apologies in advance for every film I discarded, forgot or missed. For example, I really regret forgetting about Kurt Russell in Death Proof, Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins and Tilda Swinton in Orlando.

Never mind, Brutelpretzel. It. Is. Awesome.

Passing along thanks to Flavorwire and from Mr. Pretzel himself. You can get a complete list of the clips used, in order, at the original Vimeo page here. And meanwhile, you can follow Richard Gale on twitter here or visit the creator of this web site, here.

Now we’re going to go watch it again…

Se Fija!’s Angela Ortíz “Into the Storm” Teaser

Into the Storm PosterIt took me a few takes and I guess this was my best, LOL!!!

Here’s my teaser for the film Into the Storm, starring Richard Armitage (The Hobbit trilogy), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), Matt Walsh (Veep), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Dance Academy), Arlen Escarpeta (Final Destination 5), Max Deacon (The Hatfields & McCoys), Nathan Kress (iCarly), Jeremy Sumpter (Friday Night Lights), Kyle Davis (Enlisted), and Jon Reep (Eastbound & Down).

In theaters August 8.

A Lifelong Journey: Walter Dominguez and Shelley Morrison bring “Weaving the Past” to Light

L-r: Shelley Morrison, Angela Ortíz and Walter Dominguez ©2014 Adelina Ortiz

L-r: Shelley Morrison, Angela Ortíz and Walter Dominguez
©2014 Adelina Ortiz

It has taken eleven years, but actress Shelley Morrison and her husband of forty-one years, Walter Dominguez are finally able to share Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, the story of Dominguez’ own ancestors interwoven with the largely unknown, but important history of Mexico and the U.S. It is a story of tragedy, hope, and discovery that he’s been working towards for his entire life, and especially since his beloved grandfather died in 1973.

Weaving the Past-Journey of Discovery200

A few years ago, Walter decided the time had come to bring the project to fruition—“when the people in your life who have always been there are going or gone.” It was then that he realized it was time to collect his stories and pass them on to the next generation. “You need to let your children know they come from somewhere,” he said, “They didn’t just appear like mushrooms out of nowhere.”

Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun

Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun

And Morrison and Dominguez were just the ones to do it. Both have been involved in the entertainment industry for decades. Dominguez has remained behind the camera for the most part, but Morrison is one of the more recognizable Latino actresses of her generation. In her interview Angela Ortíz of Se Fija!, she talks with affection and insight about her best-remembered roles, including Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun with Sally Field, and Rosario on Will & Grace. “That was great,” she told Angela. “I’ve been blessed. But this is a whole different ball game.”

Weaving the Past begins with the history of the American West, and the violence, oppression, and tragedy that Dominguez’ ancestors–and almost all Latinos–faced. And it continues forward, well into the twentieth century, to see how families have grown and changed…and how they have stayed the same. “I wanted to let people go with me and experience the basic humanity of people everywhere,” he said. And the project was important enough to the couple that they invested their own money in the project, so they could do it the way they wanted.

Mrs. Portillo’s voice on Handy Mandy

Mrs. Portillo’s voice on Handy Mandy

Now, at long last, it’s ready to present to the community. Morrison and Dominquez both hope it reaches a wide audience as well. “We hope that people will bring their kids,” Walter says, especially older children who can appreciate a two-hour film with some pretty affecting imagery. “They’ll learn history that isn’t taught in our schools, not only for Latin people but for all people. The story of one immigrant family in this country is really a universal story. After all, most of us are from somewhere else.”

Rosario on Will and Grace

Rosario on Will and Grace

There are important and universal stories here, Morrison says, “There’s a journey, a lot of passion and a lot of real faces. People are hungry to see a film where they can connect again, where they can feel. They want to learn more.”

Meanwhile, Morrison and Rodriguez are already at work on their next project. Whitewashed Adobe chroniclesthe creation of Los Angeles from 1850 to 1950. They have already gathered more than twenty interviews from a wide range of people who were part of the city’s beginning, with much more to come. Work is well underway.

Any lover of history or geography, anyone who wants to learn more about the past and their culture will enjoy Weaving the Past. It premieres in a special set of screenings at the Laemmle Theaters in Pasadena, with four showings a day from August 15 to 21. There are even matinee prices and ample free parking.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” Are In the House

MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYAugust has arrived! And the latest of the entry in the Marvel movie universe Guardians Of The Galaxy is in theaters now. And the geek in me was very anxious to see this film and I wasn’t disappointed—and for folks of a certain age, there’s some great nostalgic music of the 70s and 80s and more…

I enjoyed watching Zoë Saldaña (Gamora), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Dave Bautista (Drax), Bradley Cooper(Rocket), and Vin Diesel (Groot) characters kick butt! And I’m already for the next installment. —AO

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