You Want Film Noir? We Got Your Noir Right Here

Film NoirBy B. Munson

Much of what we take for granted in the suspense, thriller, and even horror genres began with film noir, a unique genre of film that began–believe it or not–almost 70 years ago. And if you want to see ten of the very best from that first wave: here you go.

It’s all about the shadows. Not just the (essential) black-and-white photograph and all that gray light. It’s about the shadows in human beings as well: suspicion, greed, broken promises, lust. You know: shadows.

Janet Leigh and Valentin de Vargas Touch of Evil

Janet Leigh and Valentin de Vargas Touch of Evil

Some of these films you’ve probably heard of: Double Indemnity, Touch of Evil, The Gun for Hire. Others may be new to you: The Blue Dahlia, Criss Cross. Doesn’t matter. They are all dark diamonds, and if you love modern-day suspense films, you have got to see these. No! No arguments! You have to! And now you can get the whole set of ten for a ridiculously low price, right here.

The list:
Double Indemnity • Touch of Evil • This Gun for Hire • The Glass Key • Phantom Lady • The Blue Dahlia • Black Angel
The Killers • The Big Clock • Criss Cross

Film-Noir670You simply won’t find a better film noir collection. Period. End of story. So come on: time to step into the shadows.