Two Finales, Two premieres, One night: “Under the Dome” and “Siberia” Sum it Up…for Now, “Bones” and “Sleepy Hollow” Series Premiere

We already know, whatever the outcome, that Under the Dome will be back next summer. Hopefully Natalie Martinez will be part of the mix again. You can see this season’s ending–or cliffhanger–or whatever–at 10P on CBS. And opposite it, on NBC, Joyce Giraud will either make it–or not–out of Siberia as the low-rated faux reality thriller sinks into the tundra for the last time. Before the two finales, check out Freddie Prinze Jr. as a guest star on the season premiere of Bones. On FOX at 8p. And Nestor Serrano on Sleepy Hollow’s premiere. The show is executive produced and written by the team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. also on FOX 9p.