Two Finales, Four Shows as the Late Summer Fades for Latinos on New TV (and for everyone else as well)

It may be the lightest week of the year for new content on TV, with the summer series winding up and the new Fall shows still a few weeks away. But Latinos are still majorly in the mix:

Carlos Gómez and Kiele Sanchez say g’night for another season in this year’s finale of The Glades at 9P on A&E. And Jordi Vilasuso was also part of this season in a recurring role as Tony Morales. But they’ll be back, no worries.

A Martinez had better be back next year as the diabolical Power Behind the Throne (or at least the new casino) in Longmire, finishing its season at 10P on A&E. Again, already renewed.

A Martinez Longmire

In still-new-for-the-moment news, Natalie Martinez is the last (good) cop standing in an increasingly nasty little town in Under the Dome at 10P on CBS.

Siberia, the fake-reality thriller series on NBC, hasn’t broken any ratings records, and it’s getting even weird (like Lost-level weirdness) as it wanders along, but Joyce Giruad is one of the better things about this bizarre little show, Catch it at 10P.

Keep an eye on your calendars. It’s going to be a dry couple of weeks, but the new seasons just a few days away…