Three Very Different New Films to Choose from this weekend

Drama, action, and sci fi: Latinos are in front and behind the camera in films premiering today.

Mission Park from San Antonio-based Armando Montelongo Productions tells the tale of four childhood best friends who end up on opposite sides of the law. You’ll find some very talented actors and strong performances here, including Jeremy Ray Valdez, Walter Perez, Fernanda Romero, Joseph Julian Soria, Will Rothhaar, Vivica A. Fox, Will Estes, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Jesse Borrego. Produced by Douglas Spain and David Phillips and directed by Bryan Anthony Ramirez. Check out our previous post on this here and the trailer below:

Alexa Vega keeps growing up before our eyes–no, forget that, she has grown up before our eyes. Enough with the Spy Kids references; she’s a woman now. And she’s Bounty Killer, a wild ride that takes womanpower into an apocalyptic world a la Road Warrior, where it’all about the body counts and cash. The other stars in the film are Matthew Marsden, Christian Pitre, Barak Hardley, Eve, Gary Busey, and Beverly D’Angelo. Check out the trailer below:

Photo: Alexa Vega

Then there’s the sci fi epic sequel Riddick, the long-awaited real sequel to Pitch Black with Vin Diesel as, quite literally, the toughest man in the universe. This time well-known Spanish/U.S. actor Jordi Mollà, character actor Raoul Trujillo, and Conrad Pla are along for the ride, and it promises to be a crazy one. See the trailer below:

Photo: Jordi Mollà