The CW Cancels a Bunch of Shows, and Adds a Bunch More, including Gina Rodriguez in “Jane the Virgin”

Gina Rodriguez as Jane

It was a busy day for the execs at CW, with three cancellations, three pick-ups, and four new shows added to the fall ’14 slate. Latino talent did moderately well, especially in Jane the Virgin.

Lindsey Morgan The 100

First came the cancellations: The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, and The Carrie Diaries, none of which had a strong Latino contingent on a week-to-week basis. Then came the announcements of three programs that would be returning: Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast, and the 100, the latter including Latina Lindsey Morgan in its large and lovely cast. And finally, the new shows: the much-talked-about The Flash, another DC Comics superhero come to life, alongside iZombie, another comic book concept, but more ‘light horror’ than super stuff, a new science fiction original, The Messengers, about a group of people charged with preventing the coming apocalypse by a mysterious object that crashes to earth, and Jane the Virgin, another equally strange concept about a young woman who’s never had sex but ‘accidentally’ becomes pregnant through a botched medical procedure.

Andrea Navedo
Jane the Virgin

Diane Guerrero
Jane the Virgin

J.D. Pardo
The Messengers

The Messengers cast includes J.D. Pardo, whose regular character in NBC Revolution died just a couple of weeks ago; the big news for Latinos is Virgin, based on a Venezuelan telenovela and starring Gina Rodriguez of Filly Brown, and featuring a large Latino cast that includes Andrea Navedo and Diane Guerrero.

Premiere dates and the actual fall schedule is still weeks away, to be announced at the ‘up fronts’ in the summer. But it’s nice to see a growing contingent of Latinos in CW projects. That’s a fairly new development…