Selena Gomez Makes her “Getaway” August 30: Watch the Trailer

Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke

Here’s a team-up you never thought you’d see: Ethan Hawke, who’s moved away from challenging indie films and drama to twisted horror/action pictures like Sinister and The Purge with former teen star and Disney celeb Selena Gomez, who’s moved towards more challenging and format-breaking pictures like Spring Breakers and now Getaway.

Yes, it’s an action picture with a high (and slightly silly) High Concept, but if you love a good crash-and-burn caper a la Fast & Furious or Mission: Impossible, this looks like a keeper…and it certainly reaffirm Selena’s transformation from a tweenie sensation to a real, live actress (even if she still looks about 12 years old when she shows up in the hoodie).

Getaway goes national on Friday, August 30. Until then, here’s the official trailer: