Robert Rodriguez talks about his new cable network

ComCast put together a video that expands on their recent announcement about Robert Rodriguez’ new cable network, El Rey. The first part is a word-for-word recitation of the news release language, but a little later into the 4:34 video, Rodriguez does talk–very carefully–about the network and its audience. He’s very clear: this is a action-adventure network primarily for men (though it may appeal to women as well); the programming will be 100% English but will appeal to the youngish bilingual audience (though exactly how that will work if it’s 100% English isn’t entirely clear), and the ‘feel’ will evoke the same high-testosterone offerings that Rodriguez showcases in films like El Mariachi and Machete, two of his own films he mentions by names.

For good and obvious reasons, he is light on the details. No specific programs, producers, or stars are mentioned–it’s still pretty early in the process for a network that could still be two years away from premiere. But towards the end of the talk, he does give a hint of what’s to come: “What if James Bond wasn’t from Britain?” he asks (invoking, maybe unintentionally, the dapper superspy caricature that Antonio Banderas plays in Rodriguez’ Spy Kids movies). He then talks about producing fairly mainstream, wide-appeal action/adventure “with American Latinos in lead roles.”

It’s a little early to start making judgments, but at this point El Rey sounds more like a vaguely American Latino version of Spike TV than it does a new voice for Latino culture. But all will be revealed in time. Check out the ‘interview’ for yourself, right here: