[REC] 3 Shambles onto DVD

The [REC] movies—in Spanish and English–have become a franchise all their own…and the latest addition, [REC] 3, is available now on DVD.

Spanish writer/director Paco Plaza made the first one–about an old-fashioned apartment building suddenly plagued by a mutant rabies vaccine that turns innocents into insane killers–almost five years ago. It was an international hit, and as he was making a second, even crazier sequel (also set in the creepy apartment building–different rooms, same time), a U.S. studio produced an almost shot-for-shot English language version, renamed Quarantine, starring Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter fame as well as Jay Hernandez. It was a modest hit as well.

Quarantine beget Quarantine 2, which could have been titled Fast Zombies on a Plane. And now Plaza has made a Spanish-language sequel to his sequel, [REC] 3, which centers on the same rabid zombie-type invading a high-class wedding. And Plaza has announced plans for a fourth (and, he says, final) episode in the near future.

The trailer alone (see below) is enough to make you shudder. But how can horror fans go wrong with a pretty young woman in a bloody wedding dress…wielding a chain saw? Take a look: