Nolasco chased away from a southland prison break, visits Johnny Depp in “Rum Diary”

Amaury Nolasco, last seen in Southland, Prison Break, and Chase, has a supporting role in the troubled new Johnny Depp release, The Rum Diary, premiering Friday Oct. 28 in theaters all around the country. A lot of people say they’d like to see it, but the critics have not been kind. Entertainment Weekly said, “Depp stares off into space, as if his brain were being slowly eaten by worms,” Richard Roeper calls it, “a rambling, shambling, period piece that never quite comes together.” You can call it a date night, if only because it’s got the painfully handsome Nolasco and the apparently ageless Depp up front. We’ll be seeing more of Amuary soon—whether we want to or not—when Work It, his men-in-drag sitcom (yes, really, sorry) premieres mid-season on ABC.

Sadly, the trailer may be the best thing about it. You can catch that here.