New Season of Voces Premiere April 17

Voces LogoBy Angela M. Ortíz


“The films in the new season of VOCES explore the ever-evolving relationship between Latino culture and the larger fabric of American society, from a classic movie set in remote Texas to modern day Hollywood to the front lines of the drug war,” said LPB Executive Director and VOCES executive producer Sandie Viquez Pedlow

Season Four of Latino Public Broadcasting’s series, VOCES, starts on April 17 and goes to May 1 on PBS (check local listings).

16-year-old actress Elsa Cardenas on the right

16-year-old actress Elsa Cardenas on the right

This season has a few compelling documentaries, including Children of Giant, covering the making of the film Giant, based on Edna Ferber’s controversial novel of the same name. I’ve always loved the film Giant, and after watching this documentary, Children of Giant, I have a new respect for the filmmakers behind it.

Now en Español explores the ups and downs of being a Latina actress in Hollywood, seen through the lives of five women who dub Desperate Housewives into Spanish for American audiences.

El Poeta is a tough one to watch, it deals with a father’s lost due to the war on drugs in Mexico. And it’s not just any father; it’s the renowned Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who ignited an international movement for peace after the brutal killing of his 24-year old son. And as you know, poets are revered in Latin American countries.

VOCES is presented by PBS SoCaL.