Natalie Morales in “Trophy Wife” Available for Preview on Hulu

Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales has been all over television since we first saw her in The Middleman, about five years ago. She was a no-nonsense FBI agent on White Collar for a while, a best friend on Parks and Recreation for an arc, and even did a stint on 90210. Now she’s a regular, from Scene 1 on, as the not-entirely-responsible best friend of Malin Ackerman in Trophy Wife, a new ABC sitcom also starring Bradley Whitford at his most charming and Marcia Gay Hardin at her most brittle.

The series premieres Tuesday Sept. 24 at 9:30 on ABC, but you can watch the (actually pretty funny) pilot, complete with Ms. Morales, on hulu, right here. It’s a slightly cracked series that’s a little bit Suburgatory, a little bit Modern Family, and a little better than either one, with a refreshingly offhand multiracial cast. You can learn more about Trophy wife on the ABC website.