Mark Consuelos, John Goodman and a Class Cast Light Up “Alpha House,” a New Political Satire Series on Amazon.com

Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau has come up with a sly and biting look at moder Washington, D.C., and Mark Consuelos is the Latino congressman in the midst of it all

A few months back, amazon.com stuck its toe–well, really its whole foot–into the ‘original programming’ pond by offering up a whole selection of half-hour pilots for public viewing and voting. A few weeks later they counted the votes, and five of those shows–three for kids two for grown-ups–were greenlighted for a full multi-episode season. Now the first of those shows is ready, and Mark Consuelos is a big part of it.

Yara Martinez

Created by the legendary Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury fame, Alpha House is a live-action satirical series about four senators forced to room together in modern Washington, D.C….and their most recent edition is Latino senator Andy Guzman, played by Mark Consuelos. John Goodman is the best known of the four, but it’s definitely an ensemble show, with Consuelos firmly in the middle. Yara Martinez appears as a beautiful power brokers in at least the first two episodes, and may return.

Clearly Amazon.com’s goal is to draw even more people into its annual-membership program Amazon Prime, and they’re dangling the first few episodes of Alpha House as bait. You can go to amazon, right here, and watch the first three episodes for free through Amazon’s “Watching Instantly” program…but if you want to see even more of bad-boy Consuelos and the rest of those whacky legislators, you’ll have to join Prime, with an annual membership fee of $72. There have always been a wide range of benefits for doing so, including free shipping on most Amazon orders and other special deals and discounts…and now you can get the rest of the 16-episode first season for no extra charge.

Consider it binge-viewing, like House of Cards over on Netflix…but binge-viewing with a price attached.

It’s available now on amazon.com.