Julia Goldani Telles Goes from “Bunheads” to “The Affair”

Julia Goldani Telles

Fans of the beloved but short-lived ABC Family series Bunheads fell in love with all the characters, but especially stunning young Latina dancer Julia Goldani Telles, who played Sasha Torres. And she seems to have fans inside the industry as well. Though Bunheads was her first television role, the producer of a new Showtime series The Affair have added her to an already impressive cast for their new pilot.

Julia Goldani Telles

Julia, just turned 18 years old, will join Dominic West (The Wire), Maura Tierney (ER), Joshua Jackson (Fringe, Dawson’s Creek) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) in this story of a story of love and infidelity on Long Island. Telles will play the 16-year-old daughter of West’s and Tierney’s characters.

Many of the other Bunheads are moving on to bigger and better projects as well. Sutton Foster, who won a Gracie Award and a Teen Choice Awards for her work on the show, will next be seen in Shrek: The Musical as Fiona, then co-star in James (Rodriguez) Roday’s feature film Gravy, along with Roday, Paul Rodriguez, and Gabriel Luna. Emma Dumont is part of the new Reese Witherspoon/Owen Wilson detective movie, also starring Benicio del Toro and Yvette Yates.

It’s still just a pilot, but we’ll let you know what happens next over at Showtime.