Jay Hernandez and Mia Sorvino’s “Trooper” to TNT?

Last pilot season, CBS greenlighted a cop-drama called Trooper, starring Mia Sorvino as a working mom and a state trooper and Jay Hernandez as her partner. It was a surprise to many when CBS passed on the show for the Fall. And now word has come down that TNT has greenlighted three pilots for scripted series: Legends, about a chameleon-like undercover agent, King and Maxwell, a series about two Secret Service agents turned private eyes, created by thriller-writer David Balducci…and Trooper. Whether it’s a reworking of the CBS pilot or TNT is simply looking at the show as-is isn’t clear, but it seems that the pilot–one of the few that generated actual positive buzz during pilot season–may not be dead quite yet. It’s “a procedural drama about a recently divorced female state trooper, mother of three, who takes an unconventional approach to work and home life, and is paired with a by-the-books partner.” More as it develops…