Good News for Latinos and Serial Killer Fans: “Dexter” will be on NuvoTV beginning in January

Dexter always had a strong Latino contingent as cast members and guest stars. Good to see its rebroadcast rights landed with NuvoTV

Lauren Vélez and David Zayas

It’s a little surprising, but a good fit: Dexter, the dark drama about the serial killer of serial killers, will be returning to the air on NuvoTV, beginning in January.

Vélez and Jimmy Smits

Latinos–and the Latino culture of Miami–has been an integral part of Dexter since it first appeared on Showtime seven years ago. From Episode #1, David Zayas and Lauren Vélez turned in amazing performances as one of the most volatile and fascinating couples on television, and over time we saw guest stars and season-long arcs starring some of Latino Hollywood’s finest, including Jimmy Smits at his most dangerous and Edward James Olmos as a truly awesome presence. And then there was the years-long inclusion of Aimee Garcia in the last years of the show. All in all, it’s no surprise that Dexter was the #1 show for Latino viewers in Showtime’s history.

Edward James Olmos

Zayas and Aimee Garcia

All eight season will appear beginning in January 2014. Get the details, a tantalizing new teaser, and a terrific photo gallery here on the NuvoTV web site.