Demi Lovato Joining Glee for a Six-Episode arc this October?

Demi Lovato

It’s not all signed, sealed or delivered quite yet, but according to TVLine.com, it looks like actress/singer/judge and jury Demi Lovato will be joining Glee this fall.

Lovato, who turns 21 on October 20, is slated to play a struggling artist-friend of Rachel’s and Santana’s in New York, who will be interacting with another new character to be played by Adam Lambert. She’s currently set to appear in at least six episodes, beginning in early October.

It’s not like Demi’s unfamiliar with episodic TV. After all, that’s where she began, with the Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance. She’s also rumored to be part of the sequel to the acapella movie sensation, Pitch Perfect. And of course she’ll be back as a judge of Fox’s The X Factor as well (Fox says they’ll work around her X Factor schedule).

It could all still fall apart, but the signs look good. After a rough couple of years in so many ways, casting like this could be a welcome upbeat for Glee.