Dania Ramirez and Tony Plana Movies Out on DVD Tuesday

Dania Ramirez Runs for Her Life on DVD this Tuesday

Dania Ramirez stars in N.Y.C. Underground, a direct-to-DVD action flick about four people running for their lives in the Brooklyn subway tunnels after a botched drug deal. Written by well-respected suspense novelist/screening Andrew Klavan, and directed by Jessy Terrero (Soul Plane and many music videos). Available now.





Tony Plana

For Tony Plana Fans (and apparently no one else): “Pain and Gain” is on DVD Tuesday

Tony Plana is the police lieutenant trying to hold things together in Michael Bay’s remarkably unsuccessful buddy-cop movie Pain and Gain, starring the usually reliable Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s already on DVD, dropping Tuesday August 27.