The Damned: An Actually Effective Bi-Lingual Horror Movie

Sophia Myles The Damned

Sophia Myles The Damned

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Latinos and Anglos alike, we love us our horror movies. But the most recent Paranormal Activity installment notwithstanding, it’s pretty rare that a decent scary movie has successfully combined the aesthetic and even the languages of the two cultures. But The Damned actually succeeds. Here’s the trailer:

Look, it’s not the greatest horror movie ever made. But it’s a pretty effective, well-made and even occasionally moving possession-haunted-house-multiple-murder movie that slides back and forth from English to Spanish with surprising ease. Even the acting, from the likes of Peter Facinelli and Sophia Myles. The director, David Garcia, isn’t exactly a newbie; he made a SyFy movie called Frost Giant (that’s Arctic Predator to you, damn it!) and like the eleventh (seriously) sequel in the Hellraiser series (with a Mexican theme as well), but this, clearly, is one of his own. And the screenwriter, Richard D’Ovidio, is even more accomplished. He wrote Th13teen Ghosts, Steven Segal’s ‘classic’ Exit Wounds, Halle Berry’s also “classic” The Call, and even had a story on The Blacklist, so he’s the real deal too.

All in all,The Damned (aka Gallows Hills) deserves a little more attention than it’s getting. It’s on Netflix now, which makes it sort of free if you’re a Netflixers already. You can also rent it or buy it on Amazon here.

Not a bad way to scare yourself silly, in English or Spanish.