Congratulations to Constance Marie and “Switched at Birth”

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation gives out The Gracie Awards every year–awards that honor “programming and individuals in all facets of television, radio, cable and web-based media.” And one of our favorite people, Constance Marie, was just announced at the recipient of the Gracie for Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series or Special for Switched at Birth. The show’s producer Lizzy Weiss was named Outstanding Producer-Entertainment, as well.

We’ve talked about Constance before–how could we not, she’s a ball of energy. A working actress, an even harder-working mom, an activist and now a writer, she’s always juggling at least three projects, and doing it with a beaming cheerfulness that should be impossible to maintain. But she does–and quite nicely. Her website is a charming reflection of her energy and sheer delight with her family and her work. Her Tweets, at @goconstance, are great fun (just today she said: “had a thought…what do you think I would have to do to get to 200,000 followers? Any ideas?…but no sex tape, no drug problems or nip slip.”

Switched at Birth has been a terrific showcase for her; her character is tough and smart and maintains a level of grace under pressure even when things go terribly wrong (she’s also helping to promote issues of deafness in America–always a good cause.) We like the show so much it’s the subject of our first give-away (see above!)…and we should remind you that Tuesdays are #watchswitchedatbirthlive days, too. The show is still in the midst of new episodes, building towards a dramatic season finale. (If you need reminding, it’s on at 8P on ABC Family.) And of course that’s not all she’s done recently; she was a voice in Antonio Banderas Puss in Boots, available now from amazon.com or your favorite retailer.

So congrats to Constance for the Gracie, follow her on Twitter (you won’t regret it), follow Se Fija! on Twitter so you can win a free copy of Switched At Birth, and check out the show on Tuesday nights.  You can also watch a ton of SaB episodes on here. She’s always positive, always fun, and–best of all–always real.

Photo: ©2012 Angela María Ortíz S.