Celebrate the Late Summer with Latinos on TV

Natalie Martinez (l) Under the Dome

Seven shows, from sci fi and fantasy to crime and family drama, showcase Latinos up and down the dial

We’ll only get to tell this happy tale for a couple of more weeks, but once again: some great performances and fascinating shows, all on one night:

Constance Marie is front and center in the season finale of ABC Family’s hit Switched at Birth. It’s already been renewed for another season.

Carlos Gómez and Kiele Sanchez strike sparks on The Glades, 9P on A&E.

L-r: Nadine Velazquez, Raymond Cruz, Tony Denison and Mary McDonnell in Major Crimes

Veterans Raymond Cruz and Jonathan del Arco and relative newcomer Nadine Velazquez, all playing tough and smart Latinos, are part of the action in Major Crimes at 9P on TNT. Also renewed for another season.

A Martinez just can’t stop being the sinister power behind it all in Longmire this season 10P on A&E (Walt won the election, but next week is the season finale, and it looks serious).

Tyler Posey can’t help but break a few hearts (after ripping them out of chests) in Teen Wolf, howling along at 10P on MTV.

Joyce Giraud may be stuck in a low-rated faux reality summer show, but she’s still a standout among forgettable in Siberia, staggering towards a conclusion at 10P on NBC.

Natalie Martinez continues to be one of the best and most unexpected things about the highest rated (and highest quality) network show of the summer, Under the Dome, 10P on CBS.