Catch Gina Rodriguez on “Longmire”

Gina Rodriguez, Katee Sackhoff
and Del Zamora in Longmire

We haven’t seen much of Gina Rodriguez since her breakout performance on Filly Brown. And her big-time pilot for Fox, The Wild Blue, has been “pushed” out of pilot season because of the availability of the battleship U.S.S. Lexington, where the show is set to be filmed.

So it was nice to get a quick glimpse of her as a prone-to-violence female boxer on a recent episode of Longmire, the understated and smart as hell sheriff’s drama on A&E.  The episode first appeared in late June, and you can still catch it on A&E’s web site.

There are a couple of cool connections here. One is that Gina is the daughter of a renowned boxing referee Genero “Gino” Rodriguez; she grew up around exactly the kind of fight clubs that’s shown in the Longmire episode. And Lou Diamond Phillips, her co-star in Filly Brown, is part of the Longmire cast as well–a bit of a reunion right there, though they have no scenes together.

Here’s a quick and appropriate clip for LatiNation, where Gina does a little sparring with one of the hosts. And you can watch the entire episode of Longmire right here, on aetv.com.