Camille Guaty Sets Us Straight About “Nice Men”

We were watching the (sadly, not very good) first episode of NBC’s ‘new’ relationship sitcom, Friends with Benefits (no relation to the movie of the same name), an attempt at Friends with more explicit sex faster. Then came a pleasant surprise: Camille Guaty, the beautiful and bright young Latina actress who made such an impression in Las Vegas, then got stuck in a couple of stalled shows (Cupid on ABC, The Chicago Code, killed too fast by FOX). She actually appears only in a single but all-important scene, as the much-discussed but unseen ‘girlfriend’ of one of the main characters.

It’s a terrific little appearance, and reminds us of just how good she is…and how the really good actors can kind of sneak up on you in the nicest way. Click on the image below—yes, that’s Camille in a bathrobe, answering the door!—and it will take you to the hulu page featuring the pilot. Watch the whole thing, or go straight to 14:00 or so, and enjoy!

It was only a one-shot appearance, but that’s not as bad as it seems: this sitcom’s been sitting on the shelf for a year, and NBC is clearly burning it off in the bleak midsummer. So on to new things for everyone…and congrats to Camille!