Busy Rosario Dawson Makes Her High School Reunion in “10 Years,” Opening Now (in a limited way)

Rosario Dawson is all over the place. She’s the co-founder and most prominent spokesperson for Voto Latino, the non-partisan voter-registration act that’s making a name for itself in political circles; she’s making appearances and getting face-time at the Democratic National Convention; she’s voicing video games, and–oh, yeah–she’s making movies. This week saw the limited release of the long-delayed Ten Years, where she plays the girl who got away at Channing Tatum’s high school reunion, (Aubrey Plaza is part of the huge ensemble cast as well, along with her on-TV beau Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, Justin Long, and many others) and in November she’ll be back to play Josh Duhamel’s love interest in Fire with Fire, alongside Bruce Willis and Vincent D’Onofrio.

And that, as they say, is only the beginning. Rosario’s got a mad list of other films in the can or in production, including but not limited to Sin City 2, The Die by Dawn, and Chavez, where she’ll play the amazing Dolores Huerta. And meanwhile Voto Latino continues to change the world. Unstoppable doesn’t begin to describe her.

Take a look at this exclusive clip from Ten Years below.