And now…Se Fija!, the YouTube Channel

…and our first episode is a new, exclusive interview with Latina sensation Gina Rodriguez of Filly Brown (and so much more!)

We’re getting serious about video this Fall, with brand-new content on our YouTube channel every few days…and our first new piece is a warm, personal interview with our friend Gina Rodriguez. 

Gina’s best known, of course, as the “sweetheart of Sundance” last year for her perfect-pitch performance in Filly Brown. Since then, the “It” girl has been featured in everything from the L.A. Times to USA Today, She’s guest-starred on Happy Endings, appeared in a couple of indie projects, and just wrapped shooting on Nicole Gomez-Fisher’s comedy Sleeping with the Fishes, scheduled for release in 2013. And of course she was the host of this year’s Imagen Awards–by far the best thing about the evening.

We’re proud to have Gina as the first exclusive interview in our new YouTube Channel…and this is just the beginning. Every two to three days, there will be more to see and hear: more interviews, both video and audio, special commentaries on trailers for upcoming film, multimedia profiles of some of our favorite Latino stars–a bigger, even brighter celebration of Latino talent and culture, in front and behind the camera.

Click here to visit the channel, where you’ll already find pieces on Yvette Yates, Dania Ramirez, Rodrigo Garcia, Demián Bichir, Chris Weitz, The Muppets and some much more–much of it exclusive, all of it unexpected, and everything worth watching. And we’ll be sure to alert you to the new features as they premiere…from now on!

Photos: ©2012 Angela María Ortíz S.