A Too-Quick Conversation with the Ever-Amazing Zoë Saldaña

Zoë Saldaña as Uhura

Way back in May, Se Fija! publisher Angela Ortíz was joined by some other Latino journalists for a charming bi-lingual conversation with Zoë Saldaña, during the press junket for Star Trek: Into Darkness, where Saldaña played (and will play again) the iconic woman of color Uhura. Even though the info about Star Trek is a little dated, Saldaña’s charm and intelligence shows through, as always…and we get some additional insights into this amazing young woman along the way.

During the Spanish-language portion, Zoë was asked how she felt being part of such a famous franchise. She admits that when she auditioned for it and learned that they wanted to give her a part, it gave her a little fright. “In this case,” she says, “as an actor you have to think of the magnitude of such a part in the bigger picture. You don’t know where it will go.” And she admits that, in her case, it was good that she knew very little about the franchise, though she’s very happy to be part of it now.

The last Spanish questions was fun as well: If she had to take a plate of food to an event, what would it be? “¡Bacalao!” she says immediately–that’s codfish. And how would she fix it? “No, no,” she says, my grandmother would fix it. It’s too much work. It would have a side dish of arroz con guandules and a little potato salad.” And when Angela asked if it would be fixed with lots of onions and garlic, her eyes lit up. “Yeah!” she says.

Check out the full 13-minute audio by clicking below:

Zoe Saldana Podcast