13 Rising Young Latino Stars to Watch from NextMovie.com

Here’s how it went: First we were going to post a profile on Victoria Justice of Victorious and iCarly, but the timing seems wrong. The poor young woman’s been inundated with so much gossip-nonsense, it’s hard to get a clear view right now, even though she deserves far more credit than it seems.

Then we talked about doing a piece about the rising tide of young Latino stars in general–how a whole generation is being presented to us through kid shows on The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and through teen-oriented shows on MTV and ABC Family. Think of ’em all: the aforementioned Victoria Justice, Kevin Alejandro of True Blood, the already-famous Rico Rodriguez, the hard-to-avoid Selena Gomez

And then we discovered that Sandie Angulo Chen over at NextMovie.com had already done the job just as well as we could, just a couple of weeks ago, with a piece on 13 Rising Young Latino Stars to Watch. They’d even come up with a couple of names we hadn’t thought of (Sarah Ramos of Parenthood? How could we have missed her?).

We could’ve ripped off the article in its entirety, slapped our name on it and called it a day. But nah, that’s not the way we like to do this. Credit where credit is due, and all that. So click on over to NextMovie.com to read their piece, and tell ’em ‘hello’ from Se Fija!

Now back to that piece on Michael Peña…